Unusual sex fantasies for women

We all have them: those dirty thoughts, the kinky scenarios that live in our horniest corners. And even though they may seem bizarre, a new study suggests that your most unusual fantasies are actually pretty normal.

Researchers surveyed 1,516 heterosexual people and asked them to rate their sexual fantasies. They found that only two of the 55 fantasies were statistically rare for women or men:

Sex with a stranger

Stranger sex is one of the most common sexual fantasies for women, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. This fantasy appeals to women because it seems empowering and freeing. It may be a way for them to express themselves without fear of judgment or rejection.

For some, this dream can be a warning sign that they are not satisfied in their current relationship. However, others simply see it as a fun and exciting way to explore their sexuality.

The authors of the study also found that men and women had different fantasies, including those involving urination, cross-dressing, or abusing someone who is unconscious or drunk (pedophilia). However, they say that it is important to distinguish between normal and unusual sexual fantasies.

In a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers asked 1,500 men and women about their sexual fantasies. And while some of them are pretty damn weird (masturbating a stranger, anyone?), most are surprisingly normal.

Many women dream of rough sex with a man. They picture him ripping off their Chanel overcoat, Gucci tee and Savage X Fenty lingerie and getting down to business. But in the fantasy, it’s always a consensual affair.

Some people even go as far as to have sex with animals—a practice known as bestiality. Typically, it involves dogs, but horses, camels and sheep are also popular choices. And while it might be a little gross, the thrill of arousal from rubbing against an animal’s fur is apparently enough to make it an attractive sexual fantasy for some women.

Having sexual fantasies doesn’t make you deviant, but it does reveal a lot about what turns you on. The fantasies you have can help you determine your boundaries and how comfortable you are with sex, which is something that should be discussed with a partner.

In addition to the usual threesomes and group sex fantasies, women also like to think about voyeurism (such as watching a friend have sex), exhibitionism, and having two men on top of them simultaneously. Some women even fantasize about getting a cunnilingus and having one man lick her clitoris.

We all fantasize, and the things we imagine tell us a lot about ourselves. Sexual fantasies (or dirty daydreams, as some like to call them) are no exception.

Some of the most common kink fantasies women have include threesomes and group sex, sex in public places, and cuckolding. Many women also fantasize about doing various forms of sexual submission with their friends, and past studies have found that women who do this report being more satisfied with their own sex lives.

However, before you act on a fantasy with a friend, Rowntree says it’s important to make sure you actually want that experience to become reality. “Determine if you have hidden feelings and are only using your friend for casual sex, or if you really want to get into more of a relationship with them,” she says.

Despite the fact that many people think they’re “nice girls” and don’t have dirty thoughts, a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that fantasies like having sex with a stranger, urinating in public, cross-dressing or abusing an intoxicated person are more common than you might think. Researchers also found that only two of 55 fantasies were considered rare for women or men, including having sex with an animal or a child.

Another popular female fantasy is flashing unsuspecting loners while walking down the beach or in the car. This fantasy could be a form of voyeurism, which is the arousal that comes from watching someone engage in intimate or sexual activities without their knowledge. It could also be a way to reclaim power and autonomy over one’s own body.