Airshows in Port Elizabeth


BuccaneerDuring the 1960’s and the 1970’s airshows were held at the Port Elizabeth Airport every few years. Spectators used to flock from all over the Eastern Cape to watch the displays. The aircraft used by the South African Airforce both for combat and transportation gave an amazing exhibition for the public. Some of the fighter planes included Mirage jets, Buccaneer low-level bombers and the Impala series of fighter jets. The Lockheed Hercules was the biggest transportation aircraft of its time and the old Harvard fighter planes were being used as trainer planes.

The Silver Falcons aerobatic team flying the South African built Impala jets were the highlights of the airshows in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Formation aerobatics in jets traveling at 500kms per hour calls for split second reactions, accuracy and team work. During all the dramatic “patterns” including the “diamond,” “flamingo,” and “card four,” the jets fly with wings overlapping and never more than a few meters apart!

The pilots were all instructors from the Langebaanweg station in the Cape and were ranked amongst the best aerobatic teams in the world including the Red Arrows of the RAF.

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Did You Know?

Port Elizabeth’s weather is rated as the fourth best climate of any coastal city in the world.

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